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African Art Boutique

The taste of Africa in Aruba

We heartily welcome all visitors to browse our African Art Boutique. Our wide variety of beautiful, high-quality wooden crafts are made from teak, mahogany, mucua, olive wood, ebony, and iron wood. Animal figurines, spoons, bowls, and tapestries are just a few of the items that line the shelves. All of these authentic goods come from Zimbabwe. We also sell fine aloe products from Curacao.

We think you will agree that our hand-painted ostrich and emu eggs are truly unusual. They make a great gift for family or friends or to display in your own home as a reminder of the unforgettable experience of visiting Aruba's Ostrich Farm.

We take pride in our gift shop, which celebrates the rich artistic culture of Africa. Take the opportunity to peruse our colorful display for yourself, and perhaps you will decide to take a part of it home with you.

African Art Boutique Opening Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

African Art Shop

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